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The boss of the studio Lionsgate announced the launch of the development of “John Wick 5”

In the coming years, the franchise will be constantly expanding.

While the creative team of John Wick is very restrained in sharing his thoughts about a potential fifth film, the head of the Lionsgate studio, Joe Drake, is already openly talking about a sequel. Talking about the company’s successes, the manager confidently said that the new tape will definitely take place and is already at an early stage of development:

“On the official part, I will say that next year, as you know, Ballerina, the first spi-offs of the franchise, will be released. We are working on three more projects in the series, including John Wick 5 and the upcoming television series Continental. We painstakingly build the universe in such a way that by the time the fifth part is released, everything looks organic. It will be a natural progression of our common history. You can safely count on a stable rhythm.”

«John Wick 4 has become the most successful film of the quadrology, having earned $428.8 million to date. Thanks to this, the total box office of the action franchise with Keanu Reeves crossed the $1 billion mark.

The three-episode “Continental” starts on the Peacock service in September. The premiere of “Ballerina” with Ana de Armas is scheduled for June 7, 2024.

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