6 Tips to Link Your Adsense Account to YouTube Easily

6 practical tips for linking an AdSense account to YouTube. Introduction Youtube is now the largest online video-sharing platform and allows many content creators to generate revenue through the programAdSense. However, creating and linking an accountAdSenseto Youtube require compliance with certain rules and requirements. Here are the 6 practical tips for successfully linking your AdSense … Read more

“Apple plays chess, while others play checkers,” investors were impressed by the Vision Pro headset

The Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset before the announcement interested investors much less than the company’s steps in the direction of AI. However, after the announcement, the opinion of investors changed: the headset impressed them. For example, investment bank Wedbush raised its target price for Apple shares by $15. Now the company continues to … Read more

AI has been taught to determine human emotions

Neuroscientists from the Massachusetts Institute taught AI to predict human feelings. Neuroscientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a computer model using artificial intelligence that is able to determine and predict people’s emotions. Information about the development was published in the British scientific journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. It is … Read more

How to protect a bank card from fraudsters?

 With the choice of bank cards, many scammers have appeared, developing various methods of theft. Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies and credit organizations constantly warn about the rules for using cards and security principles, the number of crimes in this area remains high. What are the ways of card fraud? Stealing money from … Read more

How to protect a bank card from fraudsters

 How to protect your money and what to do if criminals get to the card account. Some tips may seem elementary to you, but that’s where security begins. Methods of card fraud The imagination of criminals is limitless. Literally every year there are new, more sophisticated ways. Let’s consider the main ones. Bank card fraud … Read more

How to protect a bank card from fraudsters

 The data of 55 thousand bank cards leaked to the Web. This was reported on Thursday by the Central Bank and the Visa payment system. Hackers hacked the Latvian marketplace Joom, which specializes in the delivery of goods from China. Among the victims are Russian clients.As experts explain, only fragmentary information leaked: the first six … Read more

how to protect your online bank account

 The development of digital financial services forces bank customers to comply with the rules of digital “financial hygiene”: a kind of financial security technique, mandatory, in particular, for every user of online banking and mobile banking. So, on the eve it become known that on the darknet was put up for sale access to the switch … Read more

How to secure money in the bank: 4 steps

 I came across cases of fraud and some life hacks from colleagues and acquaintances, and recently I read a story about how someone figured out for a long time what to do, messing up wherever possible. As a result, I put together a step-by-step diagram of what and how to do to ensure the safety … Read more