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Apple appealed to iPhone owners in Chinese

Apple has released a video about data security on iPhone smartphones only in Chinese.

Apple’s website has published a new video about the security of user data on iPhone smartphones, but the video is only available in Chinese. It is reported by 9to5Mac.

It is noted that the video is a parody of the militants, but all the inscriptions are presented only in Chinese. The video also features music by Chinese artists.

In the video, the representative of Apple, who appears as a defender of confidential data, is the martial artist and Chinese actor Donnie Yen. One of the last roles of the actor is the blind killer Kane in the film John Wick 4.

According to journalists, this is a rather bold advertisement for Apple, as it shows men in suits trying to keep an eye on the citizens of the country.

According to industry researcher IHS Markit, at the end of 2019, there were 770 million surveillance cameras in the world, and approximately 415.8 million of them were in China.

At the same time, Apple is dependent on China both for a manufacturing center and for a huge market for selling gadgets. This means that the American company complies with all laws of the PRC, including removing VPN services from the App Store and storing iCloud data of Chinese citizens on a government server.

Earlier in May, Zecurion analyst Vladimir Ulyanov told the newspaper. Ru” that users of Mac computers and laptops often feel safe, ignoring the existing vulnerabilities of Apple’s macOS operating system.

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