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“Apple plays chess, while others play checkers,” investors were impressed by the Vision Pro headset

The Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset before the announcement interested investors much less than the company’s steps in the direction of AI. However, after the announcement, the opinion of investors changed: the headset impressed them.

For example, investment bank Wedbush raised its target price for Apple shares by $15. Now the company continues to grow steadily and, probably, will soon be the first in the market to reach a capitalization of $ 3 trillion.

Despite the fact that the Vision Pro turned out to be a very expensive product, and will be released only next year, and initially only in the United States, investors believe that Apple has a deeper plan for the development of this market. And that the company “plays chess while others play checkers.”

We continue to strongly believe that this is the first step in Apple’s broader strategy to create a generative ecosystem of AI-powered apps for its golden customer base, which will have thousands of use cases in the fitness, health, sports, and film industries, both from Apple itself and from partners (such as Disney content), and in a host of other areas that are just beginning to take shape with developers.

At the same time, analysts do not consider Vision Pro at this stage to be a product for home consumption, including because of the high price. Investors are betting big on the upcoming iPhone 15 lineup, noting that there are now about 250 million iPhones on the market that are older than four years.

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