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Sony is already sending the PlayStation 5 Pro to developers.

According to well-known insider Tom Henderson, the PlayStation 5 Pro already exists and soon the kits necessary to create video games for this flagship console will be sent to the developers. Recall that back in March of this year, Henderson announced that Sony was working on a PS5 Pro model, similar to its PS4 Pro model.

Details about the alleged Pro model then no one disclosed, because the manufacturer keeps everything under secret. It’s also worth noting that Sony hasn’t yet confirmed the development of this new PlayStation console, and we’re not sure how reliable the information Henderson has.

In a new article published on Insider Gaming, Henderson claims that the PlayStation 5 Pro is under development, but the technical component is 2024% ready. Accordingly, the company now plans to send development kits to large studios so that they can adapt this solution for their projects, after which the product will be sent to small studios as well.

All this will be done during the summer, so that by the end of the year the console will officially go on sale. Of course, you should treat such news with caution, but, on the other hand, if you wanted to buy a console, then you should wait for the first news about the capabilities of the Pro version.

There is a chance that it will be even more productive than the Pro of the previous generation.


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