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Rumors about the vulnerability of Telegram commented on Pavel Durov

There is no vulnerability in the macOS version of Telegram. This was stated by the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov. He denied media reports that Telegram had “confirmed the vulnerability” of the macOS app.

Allegedly, the statement of the developers was misinterpreted. It said that if an attacker gained access to the user’s PC, he could control the microphone and camera via Telegram. But this is the least of the problems to worry about. Pavel Durov regrets that the media, in pursuit of loud headlines, misinform readers.

Therefore, people may not attach importance to real threats. Durov recalled the situation with WhatsApp, when the vulnerability of the messenger led to the fact that the hacker could gain full control over the victim’s PC. In conclusion, the businessman urged the media not to bring the situation to the state described in Krylov’s fable, when the boy shouted “Wolf” without any need. Earlier, Pavel Durov criticized WhatsApp for unprotected correspondence.

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