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iPhone or Samsung? What to choose in 2023? Comparison

The competition between iPhone and Samsung is growing every year. Users are divided in their opinions, which operating system is better: Android or iOS. For some, it is important that the new design retains the same amenities and useful functionality; others vote for a complete update and minimalism in the details. So, in this article we will consider which flagship smartphone is better to choose in 2023 – iPhone or Samsung.

01 How to choose a smartphone.

Currently, the list of smartphones is so wide on the market that the choice between the names of the iPhone or Samsung series is lost against the background of many models.

It is very difficult to choose a smartphone presently, so you need to consider in advance the latest novelties of this year. We do not recommend choosing from the models of past years, because they are already outdated.

When the company releases a new model of the smartphone, it already has 2-3 new models in development, and designers create new projects and schemes.

In this article, we will look at the top smartphones from Apple and Samsung to choose the best brand in the smartphone market.

You need to choose a smartphone for a long time. We need to consider models that are already on sale, have already been announced and expected this year. For the same price, you can take the flagship smartphone of the new generation with improved characteristics.

You also need to look at the reviews of buyers or analysts who are well versed in smartphone products. They will tell you why you should expect a novelty or not pay any attention to it.

Why should we consider only two smartphone manufacturers: iPhone or Samsung? Because they supply the market flagship novelties with the best characteristics. In addition, these brands are promoted and have a certain prestige. Therefore, if you want to get into the circle of businessmen, famous faces or “golden youth”, then you need to choose models from these two series.

02 iPhone or Samsung – which is better.

To choose an iPhone or Samsung, you need to know the parameters by which you should choose a phone. To do this, you need to decide for what purpose you need a smartphone.

If you choose a smartphone for gaming, then you should have a powerful engine, excellent graphics and a sensitive sensor.

If you need music all the time, you are a music lover and the owner of an ear for music, then a smartphone with stereo speakers and a 3.5 headphone output is best for you. The best headphones may have a wire.

If you choose a smartphone for shooting and photos, then you need to look at the camera, zoom, stabilization.

Thus, you need to have a great understanding of the technical specifications of smartphones. So that you can easily choose which smartphone to buy, iPhone or Samsung, we have prepared complete instructions. In the description you will find the best technical parameters for yourself. Be sure to remember all this information, write it down on a piece of paper and use it when choosing a smartphone.

To make it easier for you to choose a smartphone by price tag, it is easiest to buy on the marketplace. So you can see the difference between different models, and also choose an iPhone or Samsung.

So, for the objectivity of the comparison, we will take the top-end and most expensive new iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21. We will also consider the average budget models Samsung A72 and iPhone SE (2020). They are in about the same price point and have also been released more recently.

Let’s see which is better: iPhone or Samsung.

  • Specifications

So, let’s start with the technical characteristics of expensive models of the iPhone and Samsung.

  • Samsung S21 — Exynos 2100, 8 GB RAM
  • iPhone 12 — A14 Bionic, 4 GB RAM

The iPhone 12 came out 3 months earlier than Samsung and, on the one hand, is no different. The maximum purity of 3100 MHz is even higher than Samsung 2840 MHz. However, the number of kernels in the Apple product is less.

It could also be an equal score if it weren’t for RAM. After all, the more memory there is, the better applications will run without glitches and lags. In this case, the performance of Samsung wins, because its RAM supports 8 GB against 4 GB.

Now let’s look at another couple that also oppose each other in the market:

  • Samsung A72 – Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G, 6GB RAM
  • iPhone SE – A13 Bionic Processor, 3 GB RAM

It’s exactly the same situation here. It would seem that 2 competitors go in one step. Moreover, the iPhone was released in 2020, while the A72 only recently started on sale. However, according to the results of testing, the A13 Bionic processor wins in performance – 64% better performance in the AnTuTu benchmark.

It is not surprising, because the same processor was installed in a more advanced model of the iPhone 11 of 2020, so it will not have to compete with the average Samsung.

Thus, in the middle line of Samsung Galaxy loses the iPhone. And in the most expensive line, their processors are almost the same.

  • The shape of the smartphone iPhone and Samsung

Pay attention to which shape and body of smartphones iPhone or Samsung is better.

Let’s start again with an expensive line.

Samsung S21 is presented in the following dimensions:

  • Dimensions (WxHxT) 71.2 x 151.7 x 7.9 mm
  • Weight 171 g

Whereas the iPhone 12 has the following dimensions

  • Dimensions (WxHxT) 71.5 x 146.7 x 7.4 mm
  • Weight 162 g

In the hand, the difference is almost imperceptible. At the same time, the key difference lies in the assembly materials of the iPhone 12 is made of glass and metal, and the S21 is made of plastic. On the one hand, the iPhone is more elegant in its design with a glass back panel coating, as well as in a thin body. On the other hand, Samsung is more durable, it does not wear out so quickly over time if worn without a case.

  • In addition, it is worth adding information about the glass of the screen. It is better still on the iPhone. Ceramic Shield withstands the blow better than Gorilla Glass Victus.
  • Samsung’s screen is Dynamic AMOLED;
  • iPhone – OLED

The difference between them the human eye is not able to catch.

The resolution of the iPhone is higher – 1170 x 2532 pixels, against Samsung in 1080 x 2400 pixels

The screen of the Apple product is really better. The palm in this parameter is always given to him. However, players will appreciate the technological breakthrough of Samsung in the frequency of updates of 120 Hz, which is 2 times higher than that of the iPhone.

The parameters in the budget line are as follows:

In terms of size, the Iphone SE comes out ahead, it is much smaller, thinner than its rival and lies better in the hand. It also has a material of steel and glass, and Samsung is again made of lighter plastic.

Otherwise, the screen of the iPhone loses, because the screen of the Samsung A72 has the following parameters:

  • Super AMOLED
  • with a size of 6.7 inches
  • with an aspect ratio of 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection

The SE has the following characteristics:

  • 7 inches
  • 750 x 1334 pixels
  • Tempered glass

In addition, the frequency of updates is also higher in Samsung 90 against 60 Hz. Therefore, the screen of the iPhone SE loses to the young Sumsung A72.

However, you can not choose an iPhone or Samsung only on the screen. Be sure to add an additional parameter in the form of performance, or camera. We’re going to talk about it now.

  • The shape of the camera and its location on the screen

Many people know that the flagship smartphones Samsung and iPhone have long replaced professional cameras and shoot photos and videos no worse than the equipment of specialists.

So, for example, when watching a blogger’s video on YouTube, you can find a screensaver with a caption on which smartphone the clip was shot. For example, back in 2016, the band Hatters shot the video “I’m Not Easy Buddy” on Samsung Galaxy c7. Thanks to this, many users became interested in the group’s video clips. If you want to make money on YouTube, then you need to choose a flagship with a good camera.

And in 2015, the film “Mandarin” was shot on the iPhone. This film won the Independent Camera Award in Karlovy Vary.

So, let’s see how the characteristics of the Samsung S21 have improved:

  • Camera: Sony IMX555
  • Number of lenses: 3 (12 MP + 64 MP + 12 MP)
  • Optical stabilization,
  • Zoom: Optical, 1.1x
  • 4K HDR10+ 60FPS shooting, 8K shooting (Up to 24 fps),
  • Phase tracking autofocus,
  • Night mode,
  • Recording in RAW format,
  • HDR

Now let’s see what will please the latest model of the iPhone 12:

  • Camera: Apple iSight Camera
  • Number of lenses: 2 (12 MP + 12 MP)
  • Optical stabilization,
  • Zoom: Digital
  • shooting 4K 60 FPS,
  • Recording in RAW format,
  • Night mode,
  • HDR

Both phones have exceptional features. Therefore, they are ideal for both photos and videos. At the same time, Zoom is better in Samsung, and it is possible to shoot in 8K.

In the middle line of smartphones, the position is won by the Samsung A72. Here the resolution of the photos is higher, the matrix and lenses are better. And most importantly, there are several times more of them. Only 1 camera with a 12 MP lens was left in the iPhone SE.

Thus, if you are going to shoot photos or videos in high resolution and quality, then it is better to give preference to expensive models – you will not regret it. You can choose any smartphone: iPhone or Samsung.

  • Speakers, sound, headphones

Nowadays, many people are turned on music, so it is important for them to know the musical characteristics when choosing an iPhone or Samsung.

All 4 models have stereo sound. And in expensive models, the volume is slightly higher, and otherwise there is no difference as such.

Only the Galaxy A72 has a 3.5mm audio port and FM radio.

We recommend that you immediately focus on wireless headphones that will transmit high-quality sound. Recall that the owners of the iPhone can register in the Clubhouse and constantly be in touch online in the social network. To do this, they will definitely need headphones.

In this case, the choice of smartphone iPhone or Samsung is not particularly important, each model has a good sound.

  • Price for Samsung and iPhone

Now let’s move on to the most interesting criterion by which most people decide to buy an iPhone or Samsung.

Both brands are quite expensive, unlike Chinese smartphones. Many wealthy people do not think about the characteristics of a particular model and are ready to buy an iPhone only for its brand and prestige.


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