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Apple Watch 8 Smartwatch Review – Release Date, Design and What’s New

Apple Watch Series 7 did not receive a global redesign and new features, so the views of all analysts and insiders immediately switched to the future version of the Apple smart watch. But here we were waiting for a small disappointment, because externally the novelty does not differ at all from the Apple Watch 7, if you do not take into account the new temperature sensor.

So is it worth buying the new Apple Watch 8 and what are the differences between the 7 model and the 8? Let’s understand the article.

Specifications Apple Watch 8

  • Screen: 1.9 inch;
  • Sizes: 41 and 45 mm;
  • Processor: S8;
  • Capacity: 32 GB;
  • Battery: up to 18 hours of operation;
  • Sensors: blood oxygen sensor, heart rate sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, body temperature sensor, GPS L1, fall tracking;
  • Operating System: watchOS 9;
  • Release date: September 7, 2022;
  • Price: From $399 | from 499 euro.

Design by Apple Watch 8

In November 2021, a photo leaked to the network, which allegedly demonstrated the design of the future Apple Watch 8. On them it was possible to see a new shape, a new button and speakers with a protective case. But these photos were mistaken for AW8, although they actually belonged to the AW Ultra, which also came out at this presentation.

The main change in the design of smart watches were the new colors of the cases. And then, they are not new but slightly updated, because earlier there was already blue, red. They just changed the shade a little bit.

Apple has already found their perfect Apple Watch shape, so they will only improve the stuffing inside. And, quite possibly, they will soon focus on releasing other devices to track your health, like the iRing smart ring.

What’s New in Apple Watch 8

In 2022, the Apple Watch 8 again has a minor update. But there are important nuances, we will talk about them in more detail.

1. Body temperature sensor

Apple has finally added a body temperature sensor. But they didn’t just serve it as a sensor that checks your temperature every few seconds. They emphasized that the Cycles app can use body temperature data to predict the time of ovulation.

Scientifically, in fact, this is so: a woman’s body temperature at the beginning of the cycle decreases, and closer to ovulation it rises. But these are subtle jumps that the Apple Watch 8 will supposedly help track. Of course, the capabilities need to be tested to form an independent opinion about the new feature, but the new temperature sensor, in any case, is a big plus.

A full review of the Apple Watch 7 showed that the hours are enough for a day and a half with active use. Even despite fast charging, you do not want to constantly feed the watch at work, or take them off at night (and what about sleep tracking?). But we talked in vain about possible improved performance.

Although the trick that was offered in Cupertino is also nothing. They have added a new power saving mode that gives up to 36 hours of clock use. Of course, all the tracking functions and the use of applications in this case will be limited, but the result in autonomy is impressive.

3. New processor

Finally the new S8 processor with a performance boost. As you can remember, the processor was not updated last year. And it’s rather strange that Apple’s presentation did not focus on the chip and its performance at all. Most likely, the new S8 received basic updates, so a slight silence from the company. Or they just didn’t want to take up time and distract from the iPhone 14.

4. Security features

The updated version has a function for tracking collisions of accidents and an emergency call for an ambulance. In the Apple Watch Ultra version, you can even use a satellite to contact the 911 and take an ambulance. And the basic version is limited to only small crumbs from this feature.

4. New watch faces

Where is the new watch without the new watch faces? This time, Apple will also please you with new styles and gradients that can be customized both in the Clock app and directly on the Apple Watch 8. In addition, the watch received an updated Compass application, where you can track your location if you get lost.

Apple Watch 8 Generation Price

Apple has not changed the price of its smart watch with the release of a new version. From the current line left the Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 7. Only the Apple Watch SE 2 remained, as the most budget option; Apple Watch 8, as a model on a medium budget; Apple Watch Ultra for premium users.

The price of the Apple Watch 8 will be from $ 399 in the US. In Europe, prices are less pleasant, 499 euros for the basic version, and steel options cost from 849 euros.

Apple Watch Release Date 8

Buying Apple Watch 8 can be possible from September 9. They are available in online stores in the US and Europe. In offline Apple points, sales will start on September 16. In Ukraine, new items will be delivered, most likely, in 2-3 weeks after the start of sales in the world.

But the price, we believe, will be very inflated. Therefore, this year it remains relevant to buy the Apple Watch 6 or the seventh version at more reasonable prices.


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