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Your iPhone 14 calls for help for no reason? Here’s what not to do, according to Apple

It is a fact that the accident detection function has helped save lives. However, it is not perfect, and is sometimes triggered unexpectedly. If this ever happens to you, Apple has some advice for you.

Apple introduced crash detection with iOS 16 and iPhone 14. It works wonderfully and we no longer count the number of lives saved thanks to it. That said, there are more and more stories of unexpected triggers, and iPhone owners, all to their delight of hurtling down snowy slopes or enjoying the thrills of a roller coaster, do not realize that someone is on the other end of the line and worried about their health.

When they receive this type of emergency call, dispatchers are tasked with assessing the severity of the situation and dispatching the appropriate emergency service. Apple has found that very often, when its customers find that their iPhone has called for help for nothing, they hang up immediately, without even saying a word to the operator.


In the opinion of the Cupertino firm, this behavior is indelicate and counterproductive. Indeed, without a clear indication that “everything is fine”, telephone operators are forced to send a search and rescue team to the geographical location located by the iPhone. A deployment of resources that can be costly to the community, when the incident happens in the mountains, in a ski resort, for example.

Apple has published a support page on its site in which it details the procedure to follow in case of an accident. A highly recommendable read, especially to configure your devices (Apple Watch and iPhone, if you have both), and have peace of mind. The document states, “If a call [for help] has been made, but you don’t need emergency services, don’t hang up. Wait for someone to respond, then explain that you don’t need help.”


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