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Market Psychology: Advertising Words to Attract Customers

According to Forbes, a modern person sees an average of 10,000 advertisements every day. You’ve probably already seen thousands of them today before you start reading this article, and you don’t remember anything or almost nothing of them.

To attract attention and build connections with potential buyers, many brands turn to the basic principles of psychology. The most powerful tool is not images, but words.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top words that brands use to attract attention, with examples from Felicia Wilson for curiousmindmagazine.com.

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instead of imprisonment


“Imagine” is a very strong word in advertising. Thanks to it, the buyer opens his mind to new opportunities and scenarios that the brand’s product can bring him.

To invite the buyer to imagine or imagine something is to invite him to a better future where his problems will be solved.

“Imagine” is used in marketing all the time, but one particularly striking example is the invitation of the travel company Expedia: “Imagine where you can go with us.”

Right away

The word “now” evokes a sense of urgency: whatever problem you face, the solution is near. This word ties the advertised product to your daily life and shows that it meets your needs.

The word “now” is used not only in digital marketing: this call can also be seen on the covers of books. Image: ozon.ru

“Now” can also imply quick gratification at a deferred price: on many sites, you can see “buy now” CTA buttons.


To believe means to turn to your reserves of optimism and make your wish come true, by willpower alone. Companies offer to take a leap of faith and buy their product promising that they won’t disappoint you.

One of the meanings of “believe” is “trust.” Brands use it to tell customers: you can rely on us.


Perhaps this is the strongest word in market psychology. When a brand reaches out to you, it enters the realm of the personal. Referring to you or you shows that the company has done research and knows what you want and why you want it.

To some extent, every brand does this, but the Betway gambling platform offers a good example: on its homepage, it uses the word “you” 25 times, addressing all its games to the target audience and emphasizing that the company knows exactly what the target audience wants.


“Help” is perhaps the most interesting word in market psychology. It turns the usual understanding of consumption on its head and offers a very special relationship between the buyer and the company.

The brand says it doesn’t just want to sell you anything, but to help meet your needs.

“Help” is used in marketing everywhere, but most of all in the real estate industry, where you can see slogans: “We’ll help you move” or “Let you help.”


Like “help”, the word “together” implies a special relationship between the brand and the customer: with the purchase, the cooperation between them begins.

A good example is Heineken’s 2020 “Better Together” advertising campaign, which focused on the social aspects: people gather to watch football, and Heineken beer brings them together. So by buying this product, you will team up with the brand and with your friends.

Instead of a conclusion

Words are the most powerful tool that influences the way we think and perceive the world around us on all levels. Use the right words to convince people to make a purchase from you.

High conversions to you!

Source: curiousmindmagazine.com. Written by Felicia Wilson.

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