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Gamers underestimated the rating of the popular game War Thunder

Users massively underestimate the rating of War Thunder on Steam after changing prices in the game.

In mid-May 2023, Gaijin Entertainment released an update for the popular online game War Thunder, which made a number of changes to the game’s economy. Players ambiguously greeted the innovation, lowering the project’s rating on Steam to “extremely negative”. This drew the attention of the DTF portal.

It is noted that the developers have increased the cost of repairing certain types of equipment and reduced some of the rewards for players who do not use paid options. These measures were aimed at balancing the progression of players and making the game more interesting and diverse. However, most of the War Thunder community did not appreciate the innovations and began to actively express their dissatisfaction in reviews on Steam.

In response to the mass protest, the developers released another update on May 19, in which they canceled most of the controversial innovations. In addition, they announced that they plan to release a special economic update in the second half of the summer of 2023 and invited fans of the game to share their wishes in a special form on the site.

Despite this, players continued to leave negative reviews on Steam. Soon, Gaijin’s creative director Kirill Yudintsev commented on the situation, explaining to the players the basic principles of War Thunder progression and the reasons why additional paid options appear in the game. He also noted that the developers globally review the game’s economy about once a year. Yudintsev also acknowledged that massive negative ratings in the store could adversely affect the development of the game, so he asked disgruntled players to use other communication channels.

Despite the appeal, War Thunder fans continued to leave negative reviews on Steam. So, from May 17 to May 22, the number of negative reviews exceeded 60 thousand.

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