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Magic Marketing Words for Advertising Copy

Magic Marketing Words to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Ad Copy

Are you a marketing copywriter? If so, then you probably know that one simple but not very discussed strategy to improve the effectiveness of advertising copy is to use magic marketing words that sell.

When it comes to boosting engagement and ad effectiveness, every successful marketing copywriter has some secret weapon up their sleeve. It can be difficult to ensure that a potential or regular customer will notice your ad. However, things get a lot easier when you use language that a person’s eyes and brain can easily recognize and understand.

Using powerful words for copywriting in your advertising copy creates the same magical experience as the famous “abracadabra” that magicians use. The idea is not to deceive the audience, but rather to draw their attention to the product and service you offer. Therefore, when used correctly, such phrases can certainly increase your sales and your revenues.

How do magic marketing words relate to sales and ad performance, and what words can be used? Read about it below.

Personal Magic Words

Magic words: YOU and YOURS

“You” and “Your” are two of the most powerful words. Using them can help your customers feel that you are communicating with them and that you care about their needs, desires, and preferences.

What’s more, thanks to their informal tone, these magic marketing words help build strong relationships with customers. By using “you” and “your” in your product descriptions or promotional materials, you show your potential and current customers that your product/service is specifically designed to solve their problems.

In fact, the pronouns “you” make your post enjoyable and colloquial. This helps all readers feel like you really know them, which in turn creates a powerful connection between the business and the customer, which can definitely boost the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

“You” makes your post enjoyable and conversational. It helps all readers feel like you really know them.

Tips for YOU: Using customer or customer names for direct messages or even mentions gives more prominent associations with individuals. However, “You” and “Your” are viable enough to be used for general groups of viewers.

Attention-grabbing words


The initial stage of any advertising methodology is to stand out enough to be noticed. Using magic marketing words like “NEW,” “FREE,” “LAST CHANCE,” etc., that grab your audience’s attention can help you get potential customers to actually consider your offer. In fact, these words can indicate that your product/service may be something that your customers don’t have, but that they need to get as soon as possible so that they wonder what benefits it can bring them.


When people see the word “NEW”, they subconsciously think that improved, updated, then I don’t have something, but I may need it. According to several behavioral science studies, new inventions, new devices, and a sense of new experience are attracting shoppers to products labeled “NEW.”

In fact, there are 5 reasons why people buy products with this labeling:

  1. Belong to a certain group and become visible. People inherently want to be part of the big picture and often do so by following current trends.
  2. Become an expert. Making a purchase in order to share positive reviews or understand why the product in question is not so good.
  3. Satisfy one of the four basic needs: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, happiness.
  4. Gain a sense of security. When the words “new” or “improved” give a sense of high quality and reduce the risk of losing the well-being of the consumer.
  5. Loyalty. Purchase each product from your favorite brand.


The word “FREE” is an effective stimulus for enthusiasm and a source of silly energy. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Being able to get something for free makes people go for an all-you-can-eat buffet; take all the fountain pens (which they can get at events); buy 3 items for the price of 2; and try samples at the grocery store. The feeling of benefiting from receiving a free product is, for some, a real adrenaline rush, and, of course, many find it difficult to resist.

Including the word “FREE” in your ad copy and a free product offer is one of the best ways to get your product in front of customers and gain their trust. People are more willing to try something new if they don’t have to pay for it. And if they like it, psychologically they will feel obligated to pay back the money to your business. Whether they come back and buy the same or similar item or recommend it to their friends, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.


Other copywriting keywords that can successfully grab your audience’s attention and help improve the performance of your ad campaign are words that indicate that the offer is about to expire. For example, LIMITED OFFER, LAST MODIFIED, GET NOW, etc.

Such words in advertising create urgency and push customers to make a purchase. They are very effective at attracting first-time or infrequent customers, can help build customer loyalty, and give you the opportunity to test new products/services that you may be thinking of implementing on an ongoing basis.

Tips for YOU: Call-to-action, hashtags, open statuses, or photos are the perfect places to use these words. Note that these magic marketing words are very powerful. Be careful not to abuse them, as in this case, your customers may think that you are trying to scam them.

Emotional Magic Words


Guaranteed is a powerful word for copywriting that speaks to customer enthusiasm triggers such as security and trust. The warranty provided by the retailer to the buyer indicates that the latter will be satisfied with their purchase.

Research in behavioral economics shows that people are afraid of the emergence of new problems. When buying a new product, especially one as expensive as a car, home, or enterprise software, there’s always a risk that something won’t work quite right. So, by ensuring that your product performs as it should and that you support your customers before and after the purchase, you calm them down and remove the last hurdle by converting customers into buyers.

Tips for YOU: If you’re an online store owner, be sure to include the magic marketing words “money-back guarantee” and options like “warranty” on your product and FAQ page, as well as shipping terms.

Don’t underestimate the power of magic marketing words in your ad copy. Not only do they help you grab and retain your customers’ attention and improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, but they also help build brand awareness, trust, and customer loyalty. Therefore, use them wisely and make your ad copy stand out from the crowd.

Make your texts SELL with STRONG words!

  1. What exactly are strong words? Strong words are irresistible. They evoke emotions in our brains. Therefore, it is important to use the right word to grab your reader’s attention and convince them to take action.
  2. How to use strong words correctly? Use strong words in your headlines, because the title is the first thing your reader will see. Be sure to use them occasionally in your texts.
  3. Why should you use strong words? Statistics show that strong words CAN increase your sales.

To determine which words you need to use, think about how you want to instill feelings in the person who reads them.

Words about frugality

Save / Money / Win / Cheap / Free / Bargain / Bonus / Lowest

Words, guarantors

Risk-free / Proven / Simple Safe / Reliable Service Life / Provides

Words about urgency

Fast / Immediate / Rarely / Hurry / Fast / Act / Now / Limited / Deadline

Words about Quality


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