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Dell informs affected customers of data breach

The company claims that no sensitive data has been breached.

Dell Technologies has notified affected customers of a data breach concerning a Dell portal, initially reported by Daily Dark Web on April 29.

In an email obtained by TechCrunch, Dell confirmed the investigation into the incident, revealing that customer names, physical addresses, Dell hardware and order details, including service tag, item description, order date, and associated warranty information, were compromised.

However, Dell reassured customers that no email IDs, contact numbers, financial data, or highly sensitive customer information were affected. The company refrained from attributing the breach to either inadvertent error or malicious intent.

Attempting to minimize the impact, Dell conveyed in the email, ‘We believe there is not a significant risk to our customers given the type of information involved.’ However, it acknowledged, ‘there is a significant risk given the limited information impacted.’

To date, Dell has not publicly disclosed details of the breach. TechCrunch reached out to Dell, receiving similar information to that provided to affected customers.

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