Artificial intelligence that changes the race, skin color and hair of characters in movies or games. This development was shown by the company Paranormal studio

The technology is not ready yet.

The Czech company Paranormal studio demonstrated a very unusual and very sharp development in view of current world trends. We are talking about AI-based technology that allows you to change race, skin color, hair color and other aspects of a person. The developers say that this technology will come in handy for games and movies.

We are developing a pipeline for the use of AI in movies and games. If you’d like to help us build these technologies of the future, let us know! We don’t do beta testing right now, but we’re open to investment or co-development

It is clear from the company’s statement that the technology is not yet ready for commercial use, and it is not yet clear when it will be ready. But the demonstration looks very impressive. At the same time, such technology can be perceived very critically from the point of view of current world trends related to racial (and other types) equality. For example, the Fast Company portal writes that such an AI is probably not the best idea, and calls the Paranormal demonstration wild.

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